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Quality Aluminum Alloy Liquid Nitrogen Storage Container!

YDS-30-125KV is a small container that is made of quality rust-proof aluminum alloy. This excellent quality tank are made to store biological samples. Have high-vacuum multi-layer super-insulation structure and light weight. It is widely used in animal husbandry, health care and scientific research departments. 

Provides safe locking device that can be installed to the container lid. It is very easy to carry. Offers more than five year vacuum quality guarantee. Excellent choice for storing biological samples for over relatively long periods of time. Order with us today.

Specifications of YDS-30-125KV Liquid Nitrogen Container

  • Multilayer thermal insulation design
  • More than 5 years vacuum quality guarantee
  • Safe locking device, protecting biological sample
  • Excellent quality, high-strength aluminum alloy structure
  • Light weight when empty
Model Unit YDS-30-125KV  
Capacity L 31.5  
Empty Weight kg 14.2  
Full Weight kg 39.5  
Neck Diameter mm 125  
Outer Diameter mm 446  
Height mm 685  
Static Evaporation Loss Mass L/d 0.28  
Static Holding Time d 112  
Canister Outer Diameter mm 97  
Canister Height (single/double) mm 120/276  
Number of Canisters(n) n 3~6  
Straw Holding Capacity (single level) 0.5ml 854×n  
0.25ml 1992×n  
Straw Holding Capacity (double level) 0.5ml 1508×n  
0.25ml 3324


We offer quality liquid nitrogen storage.