Versa View Portable Equine X-Ray Naviculator

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Equine X-Ray Machine - Allows for Quick and Easy Positioning!

Veterinary X-Ray Cassette Holding Foot Block Naviculator provides oblique, lateral, and ventrodorsal views of foot prone or tilted. Features a rotating foot block with an integral tilting cassette holder. Allows for quick and easy positioning. May be used with any portable x-ray unit.

Optional Air Gap Cassette Adaptor gives additional benefits. Detail is increased by reducing scatter radiation without the use of a Grid. Additionally provides a small amount of image magnification for a close-up view.


  • 1-Aluminum Quick Release Foot Positioning Block Assembly
  • 1-Removeable Angled Foot Support
  • 1-Aluminum X-ray Unit Wheeled Support Base
  • 3-Adjustable Portable X-ray Unit Centering Clamps

Specifications of Versa View Portable Equine X-Ray Naviculator

  • Assembles/Disassembles quickly and easily
  • Two piece apparatus with wheeled base allows easily changed viewing angles.
  • Adjustable FFD
  • Stand base is is adjustable to accommodate practices with multiple brands of portable x-ray units
  • Rotating foot block base with tilt away cassette holder
  • Discrete indexing right or left swivel adjustments for 0 or 45 or 90 degrees.
  • Foot block detaches from portable x-ray unit stand.
  • Removable, optional, Air Gap Cassette Adaptor
  • 12” W x 36” L
  • Weighs 10.5 lbs

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