Selectatec Mount Isoflurane With Screw Fill

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  • Use: Veterinary Only 
  • Attaches: Selectatec Mount
  • Fill: Screw
  • Anesthesic Agent: Isoflurane, Full Charge is 150ml, Wick System retains 60ml.
  • Calibrated at 22°c or 72°F, range at .5% to 5%, in .5% increments. Unit Compensates for flow, temperature, and use duration.
  • Fresh gas flow range is 200cc to 17 liters/minute period. Ambient temperature is -18°c to 35°c.
  • Resistance to gas flow, 5cm H²O at “OFF” setting at 5 liter/minute oxygen. 21-29cm H²O when delivering vapor in 5 liter/minute oxygen at 21°c.

Product Features:

  • To prevent error in administering drug, unit is color coded for Isoflurane.
  • Unit is calibrated for Isoflurane by laser refractometer.
  • Has safety lock to prevent accidental turn of dial.
  • One piece sump.
  • Unit is made of lightweight aluminum.

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