Landwind P09 Hand-held Scanner

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High Quality Landwind P09 Digital Palm Digital Ultrasound Machine!

The Landwind P09 is a truly portable ultrasound system with excellent image quality. It is a reliable digital ultrasound that is required by many veterinarians today. It is small in size, but It is an excellent tool for providing quick and easy diagnoses.

Landwind P09 is a handheld visualization device for point-of-care Imaging. This will help improve patient care. It is prove invaluable for physicians in today’s busy practice environment.

The user friendly touch screen interface is streamlined to display only the functions that is needed. Landwind P09 ultrasound technology can be used in many clinical and hospital and can easily be taken from room to room.

Some features of Landwind P09:

  • 7 inch high resolution LCD
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Near field gain and far field gain adjusted independently
  • Pseudo color mode
  • Image memory up to 1000 frames
  • Cine loop: 480 frames
  • TV-out port(video out), support connecting to the printer
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Net weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) w.o. transducer
  • Dimension: 305×152×40mm³
  • 70mm rectal linear transducer
  • Standalone charger & car charger
  • Grid function for quick measurement

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