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Landwind C30Vet - VET EQUIPMENT
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Landwind C30Vet

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Perfect starter system!

Landwind C30Vet is a black and white portable veterinary ultrasound. It is low cost portable ultrasound mostly for large animals. It comes with veterinary rectal probe with long 13 feet cord and scanning face is 70mm. The image quality is above other low cost ultrasounds (24 channels technology). This large screen of 10" weights only 9.5Kg - very light weight and portable. Excellent for field use.

It is extremely practical for veterinarians with upgraded software for canine, feline, equine, bovine and ovine. Although it comes with rectal probe, Landwind C30V has other transducers to chose from. It is a perfect starter system. Comes with two years warranty.

Specifications of Landwind C30Vet

  • Large screen 10 inch - very bright
  • Scanning depth of 250mm
  • Has local and panoramic zoom
  • Weights only 9.5Kg
  • Lightweight and portable for field use
  • Veterinarian application software for canine, feline, equine, bovine and ovine
  • Wide range of transducers
  • Large cine loop memory 512 frames and can store up to 800 images frames
  • Two transducer connectors
  • Mobile trolley
  • Thermal printer

Choices of Probes

  • Electronic microconvex (5 - 8 MHz)
  • Electronic convex transducer (2 - 5.5 MHz)
  • Electronic endocavity transducer (5 - 9 MHz)
  • Electronic endorectal linear array (4.5 - 7. 5 MHz)
  • Electronic endorectal linear array (6 - 10 MHz)

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