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EquineScan L70KV+

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EquineScan L70KV+ is an ideal scanner with video glasses for all veterinary applications ( bovine, equine, swine, ovine, llama and small ruminants!)  This reliable 5.8 inch scanner is user friendly and it offers premium image quality.  This scanner is exceptionally ergonomically designed for fast and reliable detection of pregnancy.

EquineScan L70KV+ is a great diagnostic tool for use anywhere and anytime.  It is light and easily portable. It offers a battery that can last up to 4.5 hours for operating.  It also provides video glasses that will make it easier to focus.  You can select the probe of your choice (optional).

Main Features of EquineScan L70KV+:

  • Weights 0.6kg only
  • 5.8-inch WVGA LCD monitor
  • Premium image quality and easy to use
  • Environmental rating IP32 (main unit) and IP67 (probe head), meet difficult field conditions
  • Battery can last 4~4.5 hours for operating
  • Exceptional ergonomic design for fast and reliable detection of pregnancy
  • Display mode includes B, 2B,B/M and M mode
  • Software & Report for reproductive system
  • Measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate
  • Video glasses eases your job and gets you focused
  • Excellent images quality
  • Measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate

Optional Probes:

  • 3.5MHz Convex Probe
    • Frequency range: 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 5.0MHz
    • Application: Abdomen, GYN, OB, Urology
  • 7.5MHz Linear Probe
    • Frequency range: 6.5MHz, 7.5MHz, 8.5MHz
    • Application: Small Parts
  • 5.0MHz Micro-Convex Probe
    • Frequency range: 4.5MHz, 5.0MHz, 5.5MHz
    • Application: Pediatric, Cardiac