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Vet Sonography that Provides High Resolution Images!

EMP N-5 is an excellent black and white veterinary ultrasound scanner from Emperor. It is very close in quality to the SonoScape A6V. It is a PC based system, more stable and compatible. Has comprehensive applications for canine, feline, equine, swine, bovine, sheep.  Your choice of probe (rectal, convex, micro convex, linear array). We offer two years warranty.  Excellent choice for vet sonography!

Specifications for EMP N-5

  • 12" high resolution LCD screen with slim shape
  • Only 6.5kg/14lb for enhanced mobility
  • User friendly probe and coupling gel holders
  • One key push functions make imaging become an easy job: One key optimal imaging, One key snap shoot storage, One key standard temple report
  • Various storage possibilities: DICOM3.0, USB 2.0 compliant, built-in hard disk
  • Built-in battery enables you to work anywhere you need to go
  • THI, TSI, Patented speckle reduction technologies increase image resolution and decrease the noises
  • High density elements transducers and broad channels imaging processing
  • Second transducer connectors
  • 4 USB ports, 1 VGA, 1 RS232
  • 2 probes holders, 1 coupling gel holder
  • 365 frames cine loop and snapshoot functions
  • Calculation and measurement software


  • Electronic micro convex transducer (2.5-5.0MHz)
  • Electronic micro convex transducer (5.0-8.0MHz)
  • Electronic Linear transducer (5.0-7.5MHz)
  • Electronic Linear transducer (7.5-12.0MHz)
  • Electronic transvaginal transducer (5.0-7.5MHz 120° scanning angle)
  • Electronic transvaginal transducer (5.0-7.5MHz 150° scanning angle)