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Anesthesia Machine O2/N2O Two Tube Flow Meter - VET EQUIPMENT
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Anesthesia Machine O2/N2O Two Tube Flow Meter

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Anesthesia Machine O2/N2O Two Tube Flow Meter

A double tube high precision flow meter for O2 and N2O. The range is from 0L/m--10L/m. It is designed to be use with veterinary anesthesia machine. It can be used with most anesthesia machines. Allows metered delivery of gas in liters per minute. These are anesthesia machine flowmeters and are not designed to be used as a stand-alone.

Flowmeters on modern anesthetic machines consist of a tapered glass tube containing a bobbin, which floats on the stream of moving gas (see picture). As the gas flow rate increases, the float is carried further up the tube, thereby indicating the flow rate.

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Specification of Flow Meter 

• O2, N2O two tube

• O2 tube: 0L/m--10L/m

• N2O tube: 0L/m--10L/m

• Air tube: 0L/min--10L/min

• O2 and N2O Linkage Device, adjust O2 and N2O in proportion (O2 concentration is not lower than 25%)

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