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Make Vet-Equipment.com your one stop source for all your veterinary equipment needs! We offer quality animal orthopedic equipment, vet equipment, and veterinary tools at the lowest prices for sale online in the USA! Our products are specifically manufactured for veterinarians and we offer variety of equipment to meet your needs. We offer portable and handheld ultrasound equipment for all kind of animals with good quality and for best prices. We play a very important role in veterinary ultrasound market in the USA with more than 150 new and used ultrasounds in stock ready for shipping. We are one of the only companies that accepts veterinarian equipment returns within 30 days. Consider a brief overview of our veterinary equipment for sale and our used veterinary supplies.

Orthopedics: Choose from our quality orthopedic packs including all implants and instruments. All screws are self tapping, hex head with a standard size head. Our most popular orthopedic system comes complete with a variety of orthopedic tools and implants of all sizes, specifically for surgeries in all breeds of dogs and cats. All veterinary equipment for sale is organized in strong aluminum cases that are available in different sizes and perfect for use in all types of autoclaves. 

Pulse Oxi-meters: We carry a variety of pulse oxi-meters perfect for your veterinary practice. Our veterinary pulse oximeter Model M700 is the best selling pulse oximeter online. It comes with two clips - one for cats and one for dogs.

Patient Monitors: Our patient monitors are specific to the veterinary market. The KM-7 patient monitor is known for its smart design. Even though it is small in design, it features a large 7" screen that will not take up too much space, making it easy to carry and move. It is also battery powered for the most versatility. 

Anesthesia: Browse our variety of vet patient monitors that are suited for your needs. The RE902 mobile anesthesia unit comes with a quality aluminum carrying case and is very practical for mobile veterinary services. Included is a quality vaporizer, for either isoflurane or sevoflurane. We guarantee our veterinary equipment is of high quality at discounted, low prices, shop today!