Bovine/Equine Ultrasounds

We offer affordable and quality bovine ultrasounds. These ultrasounds can be easily used by veterinarians, animal breeders and farmers. They have been incorporated with latest technologies to ensure they are efficient. The weight of bovine ultrasound is important too. Our models are from 2lbs up to 20lbs. Many are battery powered and most of them comes with additional extra battery. Our most recommended ultrasound for use in large animal is Sonoscape A6V. This is due to the fact that the main unit produce the best image quality-main board has 32 channels. Also because the rectal probe provides high frequency and long lens in one-it has 128 elements. Contact us today for the best deals on our bovine ultrasounds. We can help you choose among the ultrasounds and will get you the best machine for your dollar.

SonoScape A6V

From $ 5,699.00

Chison ECO 1Vet

From $ 3,499.00


$ 4,999.00


From $ 3,999.00


$ 3,999.00

Chison ECO3 Vet

From $ 6,999.00

Chison Q5Vet

From $ 9,999.00


From $ 3,999.00


From $ 3,999.00


From $ 2,899.00


From $ 3,999.00