Use of Ultrasound in Bovine Pregnancy Detection

Bovine ultrasound equipment is highly beneficial for the veterinarians. Ultrasound is regarded as the safest and the most real time diagnostic imaging method available. Ultrasound equipment is useful for imaging of soft tissues of the cattle and also aids in therapeutic procedures.

During a bovine ultrasound examination, an ultrasound transducer is passed into the rectum of a cow and placed over the reproductive tract. The ultrasound machine displays a black and white image of the ovary or uterus. Ultrasound reveals far more details that can be gained by traditional rectal palpation. In addition to allowing earlier detection of pregnancy, predicting calving date can be more precise.

Ultrasound technology is extensively used to determine the sex of a fetus at 60 to 80 days of pregnancy. It is difficult to determine the sex prior to 60 days because the size of the genital structures is small. Determining the sex becomes easier as the fetus gets older. It is also helpful in detecting abnormalities and early fetal death which cannot be done with manual palpation.

You can choose from the different types of cattle ultrasound machines including 3D ultrasounds, handheld, color and even portable ultrasounds. Look for the bovine ultrasound machine that provides the most detailed and comprehensive imagery. If you don’t have enough budget to buy a brand new ultrasound machine, it is best to opt for a used bovine ultrasound machine. We offer quality bovine pregnancy detection ultrasound.

Along with the ultrasound device, the selection of the transducer should also be done very wisely. Durability is an important factor to look for in a transducer as cattle are very unpredictable. They can move around and destroy the equipment.

If you are looking for high quality bovine ultrasound machines for sale, you can count on us. You can choose from our wide range of new, used and refurbished bovine ultrasound machines depending on your budget and requirements.

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