How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Mare?

Eleven months is a long time to wait for a foal, but there is plenty to do in the meantime. You need to know what she should and shouldn’t be fed, what exercises are beneficial for her and many more things. The early days of a mare’s pregnancy are also the days when you need to be extra cautious as this is the time when the mare is most vulnerable and could abort the fetus.

Pregnant mare care is very important. Here are few important things that need to be kept in mind to make sure that your pregnant mare receives all the care she needs.

Diet: It is important that the mare receives an adequate supply of minerals during pregnancy. For the first half of her pregnancy, the nutrition needs of your pregnant mare do not change and she can continue with her previous feeding program. Make sure she is getting a good vitamin and mineral supplement along with her feed, in addition to enough pasture and hay to maintain her weight.

Vaccination: Putting your pregnant mare on the correct vaccination schedule is very important. The rhino vaccine should be given in the fifth, seventh and ninth month of pregnancy. EWT-Flu vaccine should be administered in the tenth month.

Water: Make sure your mare has plenty of fresh clean water. Wash out water troughs regularly. Dehydration can lead to complications in pregnancy.

Regular Exercise: Give your pregnant mare regular exercise. You can ride your mare safely in the ninth month of pregnancy. Regular exercise will be a benefit to the mare.

Protection: When the mare is about to foaling, it is wise to move her to a smaller yard where she can run around. The yard should be sheltered and fenced to protect her from wild dogs etc.

Veterinarian: The pregnant mare should be regularly taken to a veterinarian. Vets widely use equine pregnancy ultrasound machine to check for any complications in pregnancy and make sure that both the mare and foal in good condition.

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