Anesthesia for Dogs

Many situations in veterinary medicine require anesthesia. Anesthesia is useful for many things, including performing surgery or biopsy procedures, taking x-rays and performing dental procedures. Your veterinarian may select local anesthesia, injectable general anesthesia, or inhaled general anesthesia to keep your pet pain-free during surgical or diagnostic procedures.

Any type of invasive surgery or procedure is performed under general anesthesia. These include abdominal surgery, orthopedic surgery and neuters. Complete relaxation is required during dental prophylaxis, so general anesthesia is indicated. Local anesthesia is most often used when treating small skin lacerations. The tissue surrounding the laceration is anesthetized so sutures can be placed without causing pain.

When talking about dog, there are two forms of anesthesia used -- local and general anesthesia. In general anesthesia, the medication is injected into a specific place in the skin to induce temporary localized numbness, allowing the veterinarian to perform a brief procedure. The affected area can include the skin, underlying muscles and nerves. We offer quality dog anesthesia machine at affordable prices.

General anesthesia is considered a better option when deep sedation or unconsciousness is required. Medications used for general anesthesia are available in many forms. Some are administered by injection, whereas other forms are inhaled through an anesthetic mask or breathing tube that is connected to an anesthesia machine.

Local anesthesia is generally preferred when your veterinarian needs to remove a small growth on your dog’s skin, perform a biopsy or perform any type of minimally painful procedure. General anesthesia is used for more invasive types of surgeries or for procedures likely to be very painful. Dogs also require anesthesia before dental cleaning, dental x-rays, or complete dental examinations.

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