Benefits of Handheld Ultrasound Machine

handheld-ultrasound-machineOne of the biggest reasons for the popularity of handheld ultrasound machine is the fact that these machines help vets diagnose medical conditions in dairy animals and pets with greater ease.

Ultrasound devices use sound waves to get black and white images of various organs of the body. Ultrasonic waves are produced by these devices which enter the body and a receiver captures the echo produced. The image is formed on the basis of the intensity of returning sound waves.

Ultrasound devices do not use harmful radiations and are hence used for fetal monitoring, and other diagnostic imaging. However, unlike the common conception that ultrasound machines are only used by physicians, the fact is that since they are easy to use and allow non-invasive diagnosis, it is now being used by veterinarians as well.

Popularity of ultrasound among vets

Popularity of ultrasound among veterinarians has now increased because it is far better tool for diagnosis than rectal palpation. With the advent of new technology, handheld ultrasound devices are becoming very popular among veterinarians. These new devices have many more features than devices used five or ten years ago. They are much smaller and lighter and are easy to operate.

Benefits of handheld ultrasound devices

Handheld ultrasound devices are portable and less costly. They have a small screen using which instant diagnosis can be made. These devices make the diagnosis faster and more accurate than other methods for determining fertility, detecting pregnancy, and fetal sex determination. Since they are portable, they can go anywhere. These devices are so easy to use, that the veterinarians need only a small crash course to learn how to operate them.

Factors to look for when purchasing the device

A balance needs to be maintained between cost and quality of the handheld ultrasound machine. Many cheap devices are available in the market, but they may not be economical in the long run if the image produced is not of good quality. A device with good resolution should be purchased or else it will be of little help.

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