All You Need to Know About Abdominal Ultrasound for Dogs

thermopet-termometro-veterinarioTaking our dog to a veterinarian is the first thing we do when our pets show any signs of illness or irregular behavior. Well it’s obvious, after all we love them and want them to be fit and healthy. It’s commonly found that many vets order an abdominal ultrasound for dogs after we tell them their symptoms. Need not be alarmed, it’s just to get a more detailed image of things going on inside them.

Veterinarians conduct abdominal ultrasound when the blood samples of your dog results abnormal. Other possible reasons include: weight loss with no change in eating habits, change in urinary habits, chronic vomiting, diarrhea or other infection not cleared up after regular treatment, a pre-surgical glimpse to better guide the procedure and as a baseline as a dog ages.

The results help doctors decide whether to conduct a surgery or not, to do a biopsies for more specific blood tests and to get helpful information before conducting any kind of surgery on them.

Ultrasound Machine for DogsIt is essential that the ultrasound machine for dogs sends the sound waves and detect the returning images after completing contact with the skin. In most cases this isn't possible even with an excessive amount of ultrasound gel if the dog's hair is in the way.

Usually, the entire abdomen can be looked at in a 15-30 minutes span. By conducting an ultrasound on dog, the information gained helps the vet to make a much better decision about how to proceed. The tests will cost you a little more than any other treatment your dog has ever received. This is because ultrasound equipment is expensive and efficient operation of it requires additional training.

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