Different Types of Vet Surgical Instruments

With the recent advancement in technology there have been numerous vet surgical instruments that have hit the market which are highly effective in treating animals. The veterinary doctors require equipment similar to that used by dermatologists, radiologists, orthodontists, pathologists and surgeons in human hospitals across the world. However, vet equipment need to be adapted to the specific needs of animal patients.

Surgical clamps, saws, pin drivers, suction machines and catheters are frequently involved in surgeries, but vets also use equipment designed specifically for animals. Surgeries on furry animals often require veterinarians to use electric or manual razors to shave a portion of fur. Other surgical materials include snook hooks, which are curved hooks for spaying procedures, forceps, scalpels and scissors.
Veterinary Surgical Instruments
1. Scalpels

The scalpel is an extremely sharp instrument which is used to cut through skin and tissues. There are a number of blade sizes to perform different types of surgical needs. Despite the availability of lasers designed for veterinary surgery, most practitioners still prefer the scalpel because of its ease of use and lower cost.

2. Scissors

Surgical scissors are another common surgical instrument and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying degree of sharpness and curvature in the tip. Veterinarians use them during most surgical procedures, from a simple spay or neuter to more complicated operations. They are primarily used to cut through soft tissues and to remove sutures.

3. Forceps

Veterinarians use several types of forceps, depending on the kind of operation they are performing. For example, artery forceps are used to tightly clamp off blood vessels. Thumb forceps are more tweezer like in appearance and are used to hold tissues together during surgery.

4. Speciality Instruments 

Veterinarians who specialize in a particular field of medicine, such as dentistry or ophthalmology, use special instruments during major surgeries. For example, periodontal probes may be used during an extensive canine oral surgery and a special speculum might be used to hold open a cat's eye during a cataract surgery.

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